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pandemic infinity edition

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

pandemic infinity edition is now for sale. free of charge, terms and conditions apply.

no, not a new board game. not referring to the currently raging, world immobilising disease either. it's a scarier one, an unspoken one. seen but unnoticed. the pandemic of the self-perpetuating loops of delusional escapists like myself. us the people stuck in an infinitely timeless paradox while accepting the wastefulness of our own time. the delusional contradicted by reality who have nowhere to escape but to an altered version of that same. or its derived fantasies. or extracted dreams. the ones with a hope to flee to another planet where we'll finally know it is the realities we create we want to escape from. but then there's black holes and outer space to contemplate.

infinite reality 2.4 now on sale, premium discount on infinite reality 3.0 for repeat consumers.

off topic. it can't be just me that makes plans for a zombie apocalypse with more ease than figuring out what to wear to appear a certain way to an assembly of people for some occasion. or just me having mind wars whether to at all join such assembly if one needs to appear a certain way to belong in the first place.

belong? maybe we never do, maybe we never want to. do we just long for the cheap thrill of the chase of our own selves? we choose to forget we chose to get lost.

and when did choosing become outdated? correction, when did making the choice to learn to live go out of fashion?

it's a pandemic within and without.

a disease of disillusioned immortality.

a hyperbolic discounting of worth.

a fear of the silence of existence.

a collective loneliness without solitude.

let's not get sunless and doomy.

there's also love.

ad infinitum

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