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lucky us

in space.

there is no pressure, so the boiling point of blood quickly drops below your body temperature. 15 seconds of cosmic rays penetration, macrocosm-tasting interplanetary smell and solar wind on the edge of earth’s magnetosphere. then you asphyxiate. and that is only because your meat suit is protecting you from sudden death by banishing consciousness when vacuum would cause the oxygen in your lungs to expand, rupture tissue and force fatal air bubbles up your vessels.

bubbles rarely ever sound this scary.

that is if you are human.

lucky you, robot.

your elastic, made of plastic, heart and mind of steal are better suited to the casual viciousness of earth. you also get to float about in space with the same lack of general fragility. greedy much?

in space.

“burnt almond cookie”

“the smell of a gun right after you fire a shot”

“seared steak, raspberries and rum”

“walnuts and fumes”

sensing interstellar scent seems like a worthy escapade. so even if you could freely venture there longer than our predestined 15 seconds, robot, you still won’t know how to taste rum and walnut smelling raspberries.

guess that makes us even.

p.s. you also couldn’t get yourself a “space hickey” and even though you’d be dismissive of the simple bursting of the skin’s small blood vessels. a celestial kiss is just too cool to miss .

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